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Gold Finished Pearl Bridal Kalira


The Promising Kalire

The bride’s sisters and friends tie the kalire to her chooda. They are golden or silver in colour. The significance is to provide good wishes to the bride and to remind her of her cousins and friends whom she is going to leave behind when she gets married.

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Kalira (also spelled as Kaleera or Kalire) is an umbrella shaped ornament that is attached to the bride’s Chooda or bangle, which is a set of traditional white and red colored bangles worn on each arm. A Punjabi bride’s wedding attire is incomplete without the resplendent Kalira, or Kalirey.

Kaleeras are a gift to the bride as a blessing to the bride from her maternal family and worn on her wedding day with her bridal bangles. Beautiful color combination with a perfect finish & luster. These bridal kalira are minutely designed keeping in mind with the latest fashion in india.


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